Copywriting for Advertising

Copywriting for advertising that captivates

They key to successful copywriting for advertising? Hook the reader with an innovative concept, and then reel them in with prose that is humble, imaginative, and easy to remember.

IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations takes pride in our ad copy, and can help your business or non-profit organization turn concepts into conversions and curiosity into sales. And unlike many marketing companies, IMPACT Marketing and Public Relations has a full-time, in-house, professional copywriter on staff.

We’ll get to the point

At IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations, our team collaborates on copywriting for advertising that works in unison with a campaign’s visual elements, while being tailored specifically to your key demographic.

We understand that today’s consumers lead busy lives and are inundated with messages of all kinds, from every conceivable angle. For those reasons, we aim for consistency, clarity, and brevity, while forging concepts that are memorable and relevant. We write in a way that people think, and speak, and eschew alienating insider terminology.

Our team can help you conceptualize projects from print advertising to Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Creative credibility is our goal, as is crafting a call to action that cannot be ignored.

Our words are our bond

Copywriting for advertising involves understanding your target audience, anticipating their thoughts, and meeting their needs. And IMPACT Marketing can help. Contact us to discuss how the right words can lead to increased sales, or to learn about our other marketing services.

Lisa Brousseau

Digital Marketing Specialist

IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations, LLC

IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations, LLC

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