September 28, 2015

10 Best Practices for On-Page SEO Success

In my last post , I talked about tools and techniques for generating a keyword list for your organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. Now that your list is complete, let’s learn about SEO best practices and what to do with the keywords on each page of your website. Quick Review: What Makes Successful SEO?...
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dislike button
September 21, 2015

Why We Like AND Dislike Facebook’s Dislike Button

Completely disagree with Game of Thrones winning Outstanding Drama Series at the Emmy Awards this year? Want to tell your friend that article he shared from The Onion is supposed to be satire? Upset that Starbucks is getting rid of your favorite summer drink now that fall is beginning? You may be able to subtly...
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website copywriting
September 16, 2015

Website Copywriting: 3 Reasons to Wipe Out “At/We”

Think fast—what do velociraptors, Vesuvius citizens, and vintage cell phones have in common? They were all wiped out. If I get my way, there’ll be one more thing to add to that list: the “At/We” construction that is so pervasive in website copywriting. What is “At/We”? Any sentence that starts like this: “At XYZ Company,...
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September 14, 2015

IMPACT Launches New Website for Security Software Firm Nteligen

COLUMBIA, Md., Sept. 14, 2015 – Nteligen, a provider of high-tech security software for corporations and government agencies, has a new website thanks to IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations. Based in Columbia, MD, Nteligen’s growing team boasts many accomplishments, including authoring the industry’s current best practices for decomposition-based inspection and sanitization and serving as the...
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facebook advertising
September 8, 2015

Facebook Advertising 101: Ad Goals, Targets, & Pricing Options

Have you read our blog post about the top three Facebook FAQs? To recap, the three most common questions we hear are: Will Facebook be worth the investment for me? What can I expect from Facebook? How much money can I commit to Facebook? But after those three questions are answered, there’s a fourth FAQ...
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secrets to online event marketing
September 1, 2015

6 Secrets to Online Event Marketing

Hosting an event nowadays involves a lot more than simply mailing out Save the Dates and ornate invitations. Social media, email marketing, and other digital marketing techniques allow you to spread your message (and promote your event) far and wide. Here are six secrets to online event marketing that will help you promote your event:...
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marketing truths
August 26, 2015

5 Marketing Truths They Don’t Teach You in Business School

Every time I hear another horror story about the burden of debt that’s been placed on the shoulders of my Millennial peers as a result of their pursuit of higher education, I am struck by the deplorable disparity between the amount of money students pay to gain a degree and what they actually end up...
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August 18, 2015

Everything I Know About Business, I Learned from my Dad

Well, maybe not everything, but all of the important stuff. Dave Carey was a bit of a wild child who, as a teenager, was busted for taking the family car to the racetrack – and winning – because his parents found a large trophy tucked away in a basement hiding place. At 6-ft and 163...
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August 14, 2015

Business Person of the Year Shares Hard-Won Digital Marketing Secrets

Columbia, MD. August 14, 2015 – What is digital marketing? How do you get on the first page of Google? These are just a few of the crucial digital marketing questions fielded by Duane Carey, President of IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations, on the television show “Your Future Your Finances.” Carey, named Business Person of...
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how to name your business
August 13, 2015

How to Name Your Business

I considered calling this post “Most New Business Names Suck…Make Sure Yours Doesn’t,” but sometimes that much bluntness can be hard to take. But unfortunately, it’s true. Here are some tips to make your name an asset, not a liability. Make Sense Contrived names using words you’ll never find in the dictionary are fun but best...
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