Best Practices for Marketing on Facebook – Part One

Feb 24, 2014

Creating a Facebook page for your brand is crucial. Not only is a Facebook page great for SEO purposes, but also it cements a positive image of a business that is unafraid to cultivate its online presence in an increasingly digital world.

However, once a Facebook page is created, many employees remain puzzled as to how they should utilize what could – with a little time and effort – become a tremendous asset. The first blog post in this series discusses tips for brands when publishing content to Facebook.

What are some tips for publishing Facebook content?

Post frequently. Whether it’s a staff member, a CEO, an outside marketing/PR firm, or all of the above, someone should be posting to Facebook at least once a week.
Keep it short. With Twitter, there’s a 140 character limit, but Facebook lets users post much longer statuses. However, long is not always a good thing, especially considering that followers generally appreciate posts that are short and sweet.
Post videos and photos. These catch the eye of your audience so much more than text ever will.
Hold contests. Whether you are giving away free merchandise or another prize, contests are a perfect way to gain more followers.
Ask questions. The point of social media is to engage with potential customers online. Asking questions about upcoming plans or insights into new products is a great way to show that brands are willing to interact with their audience.
Post fill-in-the-blanks. A lot of social media followers would rather respond with a one or two-word comment than a paragraph, so this is a simple solution for connecting with consumers.
Exchange information for likes. Give followers exclusive information like videos, PDFs, or other special content in exchange for liking your brand page.

The second post in this blog series will discuss how a company can successfully use marketing on Facebook without it looking like spam. In the meantime, give us a call for more social media advice at 410-312-0081!

–Emily Crider, Project Manager

Lisa Brousseau

Digital Marketing Specialist

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