Best Practices for Marketing on Facebook, Part Two

Apr 4, 2014

While part one of the Best Practices for Marketing on Facebook series outlined the best type of content to post on Facebook, this blog post delves into the best practices for businesses when marketing on Facebook.

Just like with other content marketing, Facebook marketing is not about the hard sell. Considering that the language used for sales pitches is almost exactly the same language used in spam emails or posts, hard sells usually fail on social media. Instead, brands should subtly advertise their products or services by publishing engaging, interesting content.

How can a company market on Facebook without it looking like spam?

Engage. Engaging fans with questions, tips, links, videos, or photos will not only incite interest in a brand, but will also help develop meaningful, lasting relationships between a business and the community surrounding it.

Don’t over- or under-sell. While over-selling is clearly a no-no in the world of social media, under-selling is just as bad. If a business has a Facebook page that is too underutilized or too off-topic, fans will start to question the goals of the company.

Incorporate holidays and special events. Planning special events, sales, or product launches around holidays is a great way to interact with fans. Businesses can even add fun, interactive aspects such as a countdown clock.

Use a call-to-action. Build interaction by asking fans to like, comment, answer, watch, tag, visit websites, or follow links.

Use tabs. Creating applications, services, or free goodies for fans (such as photo galleries or free music downloads) is the best way for businesses to earn followers that keep coming back. You can also use tabs to link to particular pages of your website.

Promote causes. Facebook is community-oriented. So whether it’s a 10k race, a donation to the Red Cross, or even just a petition signature, businesses that raise awareness in the community through social media will succeed.

Educate. Posting tips, facts, and other information relevant to your industry is a good way of informing fans about the things you love.

Have fun. The most important rule of any social media platform is to have fun, and it’s certainly no different for businesses that are marketing their brands on Facebook. You can still “sell” your product or service on social media through a fun, interactive manner.

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–Emily Crider, Project Manager

Image Credit: © Penywise | morgueFile

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