Crappy Marketing? It Depends

Jun 11, 2014

Sometimes the most subtle change can have enormous marketing impact.

Today’s example is one that every man has contemplated at least once. The topic, of course, is adult diapers. Admit it, at one point or another – whether on the 15th green far from the clubhouse, or mid-row in the nosebleed section at the game, or when your buddy goes all in while you’re holding a Royal Flush – every man has thought “man, I sure wish I had some adult diapers right about now”.

So the simple dropping of an “s” in the name of the top national brand is more than a little interesting.

That’s right, Depends has a new name. It’s now Depend.

It’s about time! What a horrendous name for adult diapers.

“Will urine run down my leg when I bend over to pick up the cat?”

I don’t know, it depends.

“Do I have to elbow my way into the restroom or can I cut loose right here in the hallway?”

I don’t know, it depends.

The name did not exactly inspire confidence, now did it? But Depend is so much stronger. You can depend on the product. There’s implied certainty, rather than implied doubt. Company and product names really do matter. Depend is good marketing. Depends sucks.

— Duane Carey, President

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