Engage Consumers With Mobile-Friendly Writing

Jun 23, 2017

You are a phenomenal writer, just ask your mother.

But are you a mobile-friendly writer?

Mobile usage has long surpassed desktop, and continues to grow at an exponential rate. But although more than 80 percent of consumers own a smartphone, many people continue to compose website copy using an outdated desktop point of view.

Reconsidering your approach and optimizing your message for scrolling, swiping, and processing on a mobile device can help to eliminate reader frustration and expand your reach. Even if your web design passes Google’s “mobile-friendly” test, your copy will need to pass humanity’s.

Here are some brief tips to get started:

  • Offer a short, attention-grabbing headline. Take a “no more, no less approach.” Your headline should tell readers what they need to know in about 6 words or less. Any longer and you risk getting lost “below the fold.”
  • Kick things off with a brief, but tantalizing summary. This is what marketing expert Neil Patel refers to as “the snack.” This intro should be informative and engaging, convincing the reader to stick around for the rest of the story.
  • Follow your intro with satisfying “chunks” of main content that are easily devoured in a reader’s spare time. Compose short paragraphs, broken up by clever subheads and bulleted lists (like this one).
  • Be cognizant of extraneous words, such as adverbs, forms of be, (“was,” “will be,” or “have been”), and space fillers such as “very” and “that.”
  • Again, be concise. This does not necessarily mean writing shorter content. Simply trim all fat until what is left – regardless of word count – is exactly what you need to say and what the reader needs to understand.
  • Remember: Big words don’t make you sound smarter. Using small words, correctly, does. So drop that habit (don’t “eradicate” it).
  • Avoid walls of text. Resist the urge to indulge in your own point of view. Instead, focus on the benefits you can provide your reader.

Simplicity is the secret weapon of mobile-friendly writing. Mobile users often access content between appointments or on the go, when time is limited. Make sure your copy caters to their crunch time.

Some additional notes:

  • Avoid vague “Click Here” Calls to Action (CTAs). Instead, use straightforward anchor-text hyperlinks that spell out precisely what the user can achieve by engaging, such as “Make Your Reservation Today,” or “Download the Whitepaper Here.”
  • Compose anchor-text hyperlinks long enough to target on a small screen, and create finger-friendly CTAs large enough for thumbs.
  • Incorporate images, but steer clear of unnecessary visual elements. There are multiple studies that show photo usage increases engagement. We stand by this. It is crucial that these visual elements reflect the content, however. Cluttering your copy with too many extraneous elements can smother your text. Make sure the images you use serve a clear purpose.

IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations specializes in crafting the right words for all screen sizes, and we can help you capture readers’ attention with mobile-friendly writing. Interested? Let’s talk.

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