Beware Google Verification Scams – and Be Vigilant

Jun 29, 2022

One of our long-term clients recently received a call from “Google” requesting that they verify the existence of their company to the tune of $99 just to show up in listings.

At first, the correspondence appeared completely legit, complete with a verification text to our client’s cell phone.

Our client was extremely hesitant though. After all, this call came out of the blue. Instead of forking over the cash, they contacted us for a second opinion.

It was beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the best calls they made that day.

Verification requests like these are from impostors and are SCAMS!

And according to Google, itself – the real one – anyone unfortunate enough to respond to these Google verification scams may put themselves at risk of having their account stolen.

Verifying and updating your Google Business Profile page is free and can be done anytime online. Google also recommends using its Security Check-Up service, which can help users secure accounts if and when issues arise, and will even show you other devices that have recently accessed your account.

Remember, including your business on the Google Business Profile is free, as are organic search listings. Google Ads remains the only paid product, but in no way involves a fixed, one-time charge.

If you believe you have been contacted by one of these Google verification scammers, take action. Change your Gmail password and set up 2-factor authentication. This provides some added protection.

And when in doubt, always check with your digital marketing partner. They know what’s up. Also, check out a list of known Google scams here and be ready to avoid and report them.

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