Using LinkedIn as a Social Media Marketing Tool

Jun 4, 2014

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has served as the go-to social network for business professionals. It provides a place for users to not only post their resumes and search for jobs, but to also discuss common business interests with others.

Business owners and entrepreneurs can use LinkedIn as a form of social media marketing. By networking with like-minded individuals, business owners can interact with current clients and prospects.

Though LinkedIn has existed for more than a decade, many of its 300 million users do not know how to use the platform effectively. Through this blog series, I will address some of the common questions raised by professionals using LinkedIn as a social media marketing tool.

How can I use LinkedIn as a social media marketing tool to promote my business?

After developing a social media marketing strategy and determining the best social media platforms for your business it’s important to delegate time for yourself, a trusted employee, or an outsourced marketing firm to manage your social media marketing efforts. We recommend a minimum of an hour a week be spent on your LinkedIn marketing efforts, but more invested time will lead to more success.

An effective way to gain connections and spread your message is to establish credibility as a leader or expert in your field. Publish posts, share articles, and ask questions relevant to your industry to encourage participation and discussion.

One creative way to engage users is to start your own niche LinkedIn group if one does not already exist for your area of expertise or interest. Use this group as another social media marketing tool to engage prospects.

• Invite connections who may be interested in receiving information, tips, and advice from you or your business/organization.
• Use the group email tool as a free e-newsletter for reaching out to group members weekly!
• Post relevant information that will ignite discussion and interest. Effective social media marketing strategy is essential for maximizing word-of-mouth marketing.

Before posting on LinkedIn, remember to ask yourself these questions: Who is my audience? What message am I trying to send to my audience? Will my message create or add value for my audience? Does my post generate discussion and spark interest?

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Sarah Lane / Marketing Assistant

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