Your Meta Descriptions Are Not Long Enough (Anymore)

Like an elf under the cover of night, Google recently, silently, and somewhat secretly extended the length of its SERP snippets.

SEO guru Moz first noticed the spike at the end of November. Yoast has gone so far as to update its plugin to allow for 320 characters instead of the previously allotted 156.

Officials from Search Engine Land were able to get confirmation for the change, but Google has yet to offer concrete directives for how websites should adjust.

The long-term impact on Click Through Rate and more is still unclear, but insiders are suggesting that websites embrace and experiment with these new parameters.

Moz suggests aiming for an even 300 characters. While there is no need to go back and reformat all of your existing meta descriptions, you should reassess those associated with your top organic search pages and optimize accordingly.

Resist the urge to pad your descriptions with fluff. Instead, use this extra space to provide readers with additional value that entices them to visit your site.

Keep an eye on this space for additional meta description developments. Questions? Need help? You can contact our digital marketing team here.

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