Direct from the Digital Summit: New AI Tools Promise Dynamic Content Creation

Jul 24, 2023

The future of content creation is here. Has your brand tapped into its potential?

Our Director of Digital Marketing, Terri Hesse, recently attended an intensive summit of digital marketing gurus to advance our quest for ongoing learning. During the summit, she encountered two interesting new AI tools – ElevenLabs and Pictory.

When paired with the personalization and expertise of a digital marketing consultancy, these tools seem primed to help businesses achieve maximum impact with their marketing efforts.

Take a look!

ElevenLabs: Unlock the Power of Lifelike Voiceovers

Hoping to be a truly unique voice in the market?

ElevenLabs may be the tool for you.

For brands hoping to add a touch of personality to their content or make it more accessible, this advanced text-to-speech and voice cloning software allows users and marketers to create lifelike voiceovers effortlessly for use in everything from audiobooks to videos and beyond.

According to its developers, ElevenLabs’ AI taps into the logic and emotions of words to ensure text is converted to speech using the most appropriate intonation. This ultimately allows the tool to deliver longer text fragments in a staggering number of voices. We’ve tried the demo, and not too shabby.

Users can convert written content into engaging audio with a few short steps or utilize ElevenLabs’ voice generator as a convenient text reader. Professional and lifelike voiceovers provide expansive possibilities, enhancing the user experience.

Pictory: Transform Long-form Content into Engaging Branded Videos

We’ve previously used this space to emphasize the importance of videos in digital marketing and social media. And now, the new Pictory tool is promising to make video creation easier than ever.

This nifty AI empowers users to transform long-form content into shareable and branded videos in a matter of minutes – no skill or downloads required.

At a glance, the benefits are clear: By condensing the essence of a TL;DR blog or article into visually appealing and attention-grabbing videos, clients can effortlessly engage their audience on social media platforms and beyond, building up brand visibility and audience retention. Pictory will even add captions to your new asset automatically, making it more readily accessible.

Embracing the Future – with Assistance

These remarkable new tools are the beginning of a new era in content creation. As AI continues to advance, you can expect to see more innovative solutions to help businesses and brands maximize their marketing efforts. While this tech offers tremendous potential, it is important to note that leveraging it alongside the expertise of a digital marketing consultant can only amplify its impact and ensure optimal results for your brand.

We have not yet used these tools in practice but will evaluate them first in-house before launching for a client. Our philosophy is to take a fairly conservative approach and always default to our professionals with decades of expertise over an algorithm. But these tools look promising, so check back often as we take deeper dives with these and the plethora of other AI tools that are coming to the market. In the meantime, if you need digital marketing assistance or have any questions, give us a holler. Our team of always eager to chat.

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