Flex Creative Muscles and Find New Leads with TikTok Advertising

Nov 20, 2021

Sometimes we simply need to challenge others to a 30-second dance-off. And TikTok is always there for us. From the viral pasta recipe to fun dancing tutorials, there’s virtually no end to the bite-sized video delights the short-form video-sharing social platform has to offer.

But did you know? TikTok advertising is also a proven way to grow your business and your brand. Here are just five great reasons to start using TikTok as a marketing tool:

  1. A global audience: Depending on who you ask, TikTok has 1-billion active monthly users. It is available in more than 150 countries and 75 languages and has been downloaded more than 2 billion times.
  2. Tons of engagement: Approximately 90% of TikTok users go back to that well several times a day. That means ongoing opportunities for familiar eyes on your content and a much better chance that your message resonates with the right prospects.
  3. Impressive localization: Micro-influencers (platform users who boast between 1,000 to 1,000,000 followers) have significant sway in their respective markets. This allows for tremendous versatility for marketers who want to target certain areas and audiences. During a recent campaign for the state of Maryland, for example. IMPACT Marketing engaged multiple radio personalities and TikTok influencers, each covering a different market we were targeting, to encourage COVID vaccinations, contact tracing, and testing. The resulting videos were imbued with sincerity and incredibly effective in spreading awareness.
  4. Authenticity: The beauty of TikTok advertising is that it doesn’t have to be polished with high production values. In fact, it’s at its best when viewers can see the ragged edges. Videos can be as brief as 15 seconds or as long as 3 minutes. And those that provide a sense of spontaneity do gangbusters. This back-to-basics approach not only makes ads less intrusive, but their casual nature encourages people to keep watching – potentially boosting your likes by the thousands.
  5. Broadened horizons: TikTok advertising allows brands to spread their wings and take a leap of faith. The platform isn’t built around meticulous brand wrangling in which every component is micromanaged into the ground. It’s a seat-of-your-pants kind of enterprise, which allows for experimentation and a chance to show off a more creative, kooky side, which is often rewarded with expanded reach and a larger following.

The IMPACT Marketing team excels at creating TikTok advertising that captures your audience’s attention in just a few fun moments – and converts them into long-time customers.

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