Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business?

Jan 29, 2014

Social media can be overwhelming for many business owners. In our project manager’s last post, we got a glimpse as to why social media is such an important tool for a business. So you know your company needs to be on social media, but now what? What platforms should you be on? Should you be on them all? How do you figure out what the best options are for your business?

First, you need to dig out your marketing plan and determine who your target audience is. Each social media platform attracts a different user type; therefore, you need to determine which social media platform(s) your targeted audience uses.

Next, determine what your objectives will be within your social media strategy. Common objectives are increasing traffic to a website, heightened brand exposure, greater customer engagement, and improved SEO of your website. Like demographics, each social media platform differs in its ability to help you achieve these objectives.

Lastly, look at the different features each platform offers and determine which features fit your company. Almost all social media platforms offer some combination of photo, video, article, and/or text options. These features differ slightly by platform, but this simple overview makes comparison easier.

But before you create a profile on all the different platforms, think about your resources. Social media takes time each week, time you will need to set aside to manage these accounts. Start small, with one or two platforms that you can focus your time and efforts on and do these to your best ability. It’s better to do only one social media platform really well than multiple platforms poorly.

In future posts, I will dive deeper into what the various platforms individually offer your business. Until then, if you need assistance with your social media, give us a call at 410-312-0081 or fill out the contact form.

–Rebecca Leonard, Marketing Associate

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