Will Google Label Your Website as ‘Not Secure’?

Feb 24, 2018

Google has never been shy about its position on website security, and recently upped the ante with its latest mandate regarding encryption. Starting with Chrome 68, set for release in July, 2018, Google will start marking all HTTP sites as “Not Secure.”

If you haven’t been inspired to take action yet, listen up – this could be a game-changer. Without adding that extra level of security, Google will basically hang a sign on your page letting every visitor know you haven’t complied! A not-so-subtle “Not Secure” indicator will precede the website address if you don’t play by their rules. Those who never noticed the “https” or the little lock icon on the browser bar will no longer be kept in the dark.

The message is clearly resonating in the digital marketplace.  And with statistics like these, Google is pretty confident that the trend will continue:

  • Over 68% of Chrome traffic on both Android and Windows is now protected.
  • Over 78% of Chrome traffic on both Chrome OS and Mac is now protected.
  • 81 of the top 100 sites on the web use HTTPS by default.

So, what does all of this mean for your website? Simply put, a little bit more work and setup, and a little extra cost. But for that, you pass the Google sniff test and provide a safer browsing environment for visitors to your site. Still not convinced? Here are reasons why we recommend doing it now:

  • Get your website noticed. Google has not hidden the benefit that web encryption has on SEO. If visitors don’t feel secure, they won’t click on your website, and Google will definitely not reward you with a high SEO rank.
  • Improve the likelihood for conversions. If consumers feel more secure in their browsing experience, they are more likely to move one step closer to becoming a paying customer through a form submission or request.
  • Encryption isn’t as slow as it once was. A secure site is still slower than a non-encrypted site, but not significantly enough to continue using it as a valid excuse.
  • Website encryption is easier and less costly now. This has been a big reason for not encrypting historically. Yes, there is still cost associated with it, and it will require some work on your part. But those factors are within reach of every company with a digital presence today.
  • Avoid the hassle created by an information hack. The last thing you want or need is the work and negative publicity that goes along with your site being hacked. Minimize that risk by taking precautionary steps now.
  • It’s just the right thing to do. As a good corporate citizen, a safer web experience benefits us all.
  • Avoid the public shame of not complying. If for no other reason, save yourself the embarrassment of that “Not Secure” badge of dis The notation is fairly subtle right now, but don’t put it past Google to put those words in flashing lights at some point!

Still not convinced? Give IMPACT Marketing a call to discuss these and other website concerns.  Our team has experience dealing with the issues surrounding your digital presence and can help find a solution to fit your needs and your budget. Visit us on our secure website at https://impactmarketing.net or call our office at 410.312.0081.

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