Secom, LLC has reported a
20% increase in sales since IMPACT Marketing overhauled their website.


This Maryland-based security company recognized their industry was drastically changing. A change in reporting structure required Secom to shift their target audience profile from building superintendents and facility directors to younger, more educated white-collar technology professionals.

Secom competes regularly with large national companies, such as ADT, Stanley, Johnson Controls. Having attempted marketing themselves, they had a long way to go to catch up.

Secom partnered with IMPACT Marketing to design and develop a brand-new website that would improve their credibility, boost sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

Key Objectives

1) Improve Credibility (image/reputation enhancement) –

  • Enhance user experience by redesigning the look and feel of the site to be more modern, more visually-appealing, and easier to navigate.
  • Engage prospects with relevant and compelling content

2) Implement SEO best practices designed to attract relevant prospects.

  • Increase visibility (search rankings) from relevant organic searches
  • Increase time spent on site, to further engage prospects.
  • Optimize web content according to SEO best practices – using high volume search terms with relatively low competition

3) Maximize conversions.

  • Implement robust tracking and analysis tools to better understand traffic and visitor behavior
  • Reduce traffic from irrelevant search terms


Although design was important for the new Secom website, it needed to be about more than just a better-looking website. To further support Secom’s credibility as a company, we facilitated video case studies of Secom’s top clients. While this wasn’t included in the original website scope of work, based on our review of Secom’s needs, it was necessary to achieve the desired results.


increase in Sales


engagement rate on Instagram


engagement rate on Facebook

We restructured the content around relevant, high-search volume keywords and key phrases aimed at improving their SEO. This included creating keyword-driven blogs, which were organized into three key categories that aligned with Secom’s target markets: (1) small businesses, (2) commercial/institutional organizations, and (3) government agencies/contractors. We also implemented other SEO best practices like adding internal and outbound links, proper meta descriptions, and alt tags on images.

We created three individual landing pages dedicated to converting traffic generated by Google advertising campaigns, which increased the quantity and visibility of contact forms.


Secom’s new website has had a direct impact on their bottom line. Methods of evaluation included Google Analytics, Form Submissions, site audits, Secom sales revenue, and customer and prospect feedback.

“We’re gonna need more sales reps.”

Not only were there more leads, but they were better leads, which made it easier to close deals.

Secom reported a 20% increase in sales since IMPACT overhauled their website, including a pending $250,000 deal set to close in October 2020, which was directly attributed to the website.

Their sales momentum has remained strong in 2020. While many other small and mid-sized competitors are going out of business as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Secom is on course to have even higher revenue this year than in 2019.

“I’d like to think it saved us from a possible disaster.”

The website analytics capability has also had direct, positive results on major business decisions. Secom had been planning to open a second office in Salisbury, MD. However, after recent web analytics showed relatively low traffic from that area. Based on the data, Secom opened a Hampton Roads office instead— an area receiving consistent, high traffic monthly. Yet another milestone in their 2019-2020 growth.

Secom Analytics

“Now we look like a national powerhouse of a company.”