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Content Marketing Services that Convert

Many marketing firms use the “content marketing” buzzword. But creating and promoting high-quality content that turns your prospects into customers is no simple task. Content marketing services that actually convert are as rare as they are invaluable for your business.

You deserve content marketing that will communicate the unique awesomeness of your brand to your target audience in a way that compels them to enthusiastically engage with your brand.

Purpose-Driven Content Marketing Services

Complete business and audience inquiry: What’s your brand story? Who do you need to tell it to? These questions will be the core determinants of the trajectory of your content marketing. Helping companies tell their stories and communicate how their products and services can improve the lives of the men, women, and children in their target audience is what makes us excited to come in to the office every day!

Cross-platform strategy: What does content marketing involve? Blogging, social media, website design and management, email campaigns, white papers, eBooks – essentially anything that informs or enhances the lives of your audience falls under the umbrella of content marketing. We work with you to determine which methods and channels are best for your business, and then make sure your brand messaging remains consistent across each channel.

Ongoing ROI analysis: Many companies are afraid to invest in content marketing services because measuring the return on their investment seems impossible. But there are quantifiable metrics that we can use to help you gauge the efficacy of your brand’s content marketing efforts. And don’t worry; we don’t push our ideas for the sake of art or pride. If something isn’t working with your content marketing strategy, we’ll find the problem and figure out a better way to approach it.

Content marketing services that produce real results.

Unlike many marketing companies, IMPACT Marketing and Public Relations has a full-time, in-house, professional copywriter on staff. Contact us to discuss your content marketing services needs and learn about our other marketing services.

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