Direct Response Advertising

Driving sales through direct response advertising

So you say you clicked on a link to read this article?

You sound like our kind of person. (But more on that later…)

Direct response advertising has become an increasingly prominent, successful and lucrative business model, surpassing even traditional branding methods.

Immediacy is the key. Designed to trigger an emotional response, direct response advertising is carefully and creatively designed to prompt a call to action from a consumer, whether responding by phone, a business reply card, using a coupon, completing a form, or clicking on a link.

Consider us your “call and response” crew

Direct response marketing is regularly implemented by businesses and non-profit organizations, alike, and is preferred by many thanks to ease of tracking and measurability via analytics.

Our talented team at IMPACT Marketing can initiate your direct response advertising campaign, and will help to narrow and develop your target market by identifying prospective customers on your email list who share common traits and characteristics.

Because direct response advertising places emphasis on the consumer, not the advertiser, our copy is crafted to be concise and conversational, and incorporates a call to action that cannot be denied.

That means new leads and customers for you, and ultimately, more money, too.

Our Advertising services include:


Now, about that call to action?…

Not to be too upfront, but we’d love your business. Contact us today to discuss launching your direct response advertising campaign. IMPACT Marketing and Public Relations offers a complete line of marketing services, from website design and development, to blogging, and beyond.

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