Ghost Writing for Marketing

Giving your message more than a ghost of a chance

Trade publications. Corporate newsletters. Web content. Blogging. Social media. As the primary decision maker behind a growing business, you realize the importance of spreading the word – your words – to potential clients. But there are only so many hours in the day, and each is already consumed with the myriad tasks required to make a company run. Our ghost writing marketing services can help bridge the gap. And unlike many marketing companies, IMPACT Marketing and Public Relations has a full-time, in-house, professional copywriter on staff.

Capturing your company’s true spirit

Whether we’re helping you to compose an op-ed piece for an industry publication or keeping on top of your Twitter and Facebook posts, you maintain complete control from the first letter typed. Our ghost writing marketing is based entirely on your ideas, created as a result of your input, and only sees the light of day following your revisions and approval. You get the byline and full credit, with our writers working entirely behind-the-scenes to promote your efforts. Additionally, our collaborative process allows your business to establish an editorial calendar up to a year in advance, so you can rest assured that your next correspondence is timely and taken care of.


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