How to Maximize your pet care website

Pet care facility owners have been told time and time again about the importance of their web presence. But what does that mean, exactly?

We think of it like this: just as your pet resort is the sum of its parts – staff, security, services, infrastructure, and philosophy – your website is far more than a pretty welcoming page.

      Functionality Over Aesthetics


      While a visually appealing website is a bonus, functionality takes precedence. Why? Because users come to your site seeking specific services (and immediate gratification), and you want – correction, you need – their journey to be smooth.

      Design Tips for an Effective Home Page


      Your home page provides many prospects with their first impression of your resort and/or facility. Make it a good one.

      A few things to remember:

      1. Location, location, location: Do you own or operate multiple sites/facilities? Make sure they are all listed clearly.
      2. Whitespace is Your Friend: An uncluttered homepage with generous whitespace makes navigation intuitive.
      3. Include Click-to-Call Buttons: Incorporate these in multiple areas. They’re convenient for mobile users and boost conversions.
      4. “Above the Fold” Above All Else: Your most crucial information – captivating photos, introductory blurb, services offered, promotions, and more – should be visible without scrolling. Avoid sliders and/or carousels up top, as well as auto-play videos. Not only are they intrusive and a possible deterrent – but they slow down your site, and page loading speed is key.
      5. Don’t Forget Compliance: Accessibility is not only thoughtful but also a legal necessity. IMPACT Marketing can help you ensure ADA compliance.
      6. Everyone Loves a Deal: An enticing special offer can make the difference between a casual visit to your website and a booking.
      7. Be Clear and Direct: While SEO-rich content is necessary, don’t sacrifice clarity. Avoid getting too clever or witty with service descriptions.

        The Power of Landing Pages

        All too often in the world of digital marketing, the spotlight falls solely on a business’s home page due to its role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, we don’t typically drive ad traffic to home pages. Instead, ads lead potential customers to dedicated landing pages where a special offer or coupon entices them to fill out a form. So, while your website’s home page is pivotal and holds plenty of weight – in many cases, these landing pages hold even more.

        Choose the Right Collaborator

        Striking the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality, and compliance can be challenging. If you find yourself in need of guidance or an overhaul, our team can help. We’re here to ensure your website isn’t just another digital space, but a powerful tool for your business.

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