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Make your mark with marketing copywriting services

There’s a very good reason words have been around for so long.

They work.

In a competitive world increasingly driven by digital mandates – push those social media posts, crank up that Search Engine Optimization, and don’t forget those conversions, conversions, conversions – it’s easy to overlook, underestimate, and even forget about the power of the written word.

Marketing begins and ends with a tautly-crafted message that compels its recipients to take action.

Make no mistake about it, your business or non-profit organization stands to reap the benefits of persuasive marketing copywriting services. And IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations can help.

Well-written, well-received

Putting the proper words together so that they’re immediately ingestible, fun to read, easy to repeat, and motivational – all at the same time – is a delicate process, and one our team has worked hard to perfect.

Whether we’re maximizing a meta description or piecing together a slam-bang slogan for an advertising campaign, our marketing copywriting services are comprehensive, cost-effective, and – most importantly – creative.

Our services include:

And unlike many marketing companies, IMPACT Marketing and Public Relations has a full-time, in-house, professional copywriter on staff.

Words to live by

Our clients love our copy, because their clients love our copy. We hope you might join the club. Contact us today to discuss our marketing copywriting services, or to learn more about our complete list of marketing capabilities.

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