IMPACT Helps DEK Drain® Stay on Top of the Under-Deck Drainage Industry

Mar 19, 2020

IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations recently launched a revamped website for under-deck drainage system specialist DEK Drain®.

DEK Drain’s system prevents rain from falling under your deck, protecting the area underneath and allowing you to fully use that area. In addition to holding the patents on their proprietary TOPSIDE® and UNDERSIDE® deck drainage systems, DEK Drain is the only company of its kind offering a fully transferrable, limited lifetime warranty. DEK Drain’s systems have been installed in all 50 states and 7 foreign countries, yet no one has ever made a warrant claim. IMPACT’s primary goal was to showcase the company’s unique product with an updated, easy-to-navigate website.

IMPACT crafted new copy highlighting the benefits of DEK Drain’s entire product line, including clear, concise product descriptions. Streamlined resources for both consumers and contractors were implemented, such as a quick link to Request a Quote. Steps were taken to make the site more aesthetically pleasing, as well, with new images, and comprehensive photo galleries providing visual installation guides and outdoor deck drainage possibilities.

The site officially launched in February 2020 and has resulted in new leads and critical accolades for the company.


Below are some pictures of their old site (left) and the newly designed site (right):

DEK Drain Before PictureDEK Drain After Photo

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