September Client News

Aug 29, 2014

2014-08-29: Congratulations to…

Lowe fs for their new website, launched today.

ValueAligned® Partners for their write-up in a major New Jersey paper.

Patuxent Valuation Group for celebrating their tenth anniversary this month.

KBE Building Corporation for winning a historic contract: the Litchfield Judicial District Courthouse project.


to our newest client, University Recruiters. Stay on the lookout for their new logo!

And welcome back to Kelvin Abrams of Tiki’s Playhouse. Don’t miss his tail-wagging new website, coming soon!

Staff Spotlight

Guess who the Howard County Chamber of Commerce chose for Business Person of the Year? Duane! He’ll be honored at the September 19th Signature Event while surrounded by the IMPACT family.

The Month in Marketing

Kids and teachers have returned to school already. So take a lesson and refresh your memory on the marketing techniques most essential to your success. Better yet, just give IMPACT a call. We do this stuff every day!

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