Non-Profit Organization Marketing

Dispelling Non-Profit Organization Marketing Myths

One big myth regarding non-profit organization marketing is that the expense is unjustifiable. (It’s really not.)

A bigger myth, yet, is that marketing can be done in-house, by a not-for-profit organization’s members and volunteers, and prove equally as effective. (It really can’t.)

The biggest, and most debilitating, myth is that marketing for a non-profit is simply not necessary. (Just… really?)

Here’s the truth: Donor funds have become an increasingly precious commodity, competition for those dollars has never been higher, and marketing your non-profit is the best way to ensure your organization continues to grow and prosper for years to come.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

Overworked, understaffed, and strapped for cash? We’ll make acquiring new members and donors our presiding mission, allowing your non-profit organization to focus entirely on its own goals.

Our comprehensive services can help to close the gaps resulting from insufficient staffing, while our extensive experience with organizations operating on shoestring funds has helped us hone a budget-conscious work ethic that still achieves marketing objectives.

Additionally, our team understands the unique and delicate balancing act involved in mitigating the needs of a paid staff and Executive Director with a volunteer board and executive committee, and can help to craft messaging designed to garner board approval for important initiatives.

We’re the Firm You’re Looking For

Whether you’re a 501(c)(3), a 501(c)(4), a 501(c)(6) or C3PO, we’re ready to take your call. (Seriously, we do serve droids, here.)

Our company president has more than a decade of experience in non-profit organization marketing and extensive knowledge of Political Action Committees (PACs) and their reporting processes. Contact us today to discuss how our non-profit marketing services can help your organization grow, or to learn about our other marketing capabilities.

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