Janet Casey

Founder of Marketing Doctor


Website: www.mymarketingdoctor.com/
Email: janet@mymarketingdoctor.com

Janet Casey has dedicated her career to advanced, strategic, results-driven marketing campaigns, accruing over 25 years of experience. She founded Marketing Doctor in 2003, drawing on her expertise to launch a local medical device campaign on her own, outperforming the metrics of the national campaign – executed by a large Madison Avenue NYC advertising agency. Over the past 16 years, Janet has led record-breaking strategic advertising campaigns in 33 states, including media buying for the US 2012 Presidential Campaign. Her portfolio includes high-profile campaigns for:

  • US Army
  • ReShape Lifesciences
  • National Guard
  • Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
  • Massachusetts Department of Public Health 
  • National Institute of Health.

Janet has hand-picked a women-led Marketing Doctor team to represent her values of dedication, professionalism, and diligence. The team currently manages over 50 campaigns, and continues to grow under Janet’s continual support and direction. Marketing Doctor leads the nation in continuing education in traditional and digital media buying, and continues to see double or triple digit growth every year over industry trends.

The future is diverse – and so is our team. We have remained 96% women and minorities for 16 years, and, in the spirit of our company, Marketing Doctor serves many pro bono causes, often to benefit women and girls. Inspired by her family, Janet continues to look for new and exciting ways to uplift and support all women in the community; including a dedication to creating excellent job opportunities in the Pioneer Valley.

The Point:

The Point:

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews Janet Casey, founder of Marketing Doctor in Massachusetts. Janet discusses the changes in media buying during COVID-19 and the sudden, massive demand for television and traditional media.

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