Kelly Ennis

The Point:

Strategy as a Key Player in Office Space Design

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews Kelly Ennis, founder and managing principal of The Verve Partnership. Kelly articulates how important a fully rounded strategy is when thinking of office space design and real estate, especially when considering wellness, health, and safety.

Kelly Ennis

Founder and Managing Principal of The Verve Partnership


Founder and Managing Principal of The Verve Partnership, Kelly leads the vision of the firm, aligning business objectives with award winning design and strategy solutions. Twenty+ years of experience has taught her the value of a trust-based and team-focused management approach. She has established alliances with leaders in complementary industries, and forms tailored teams of hand-picked experts for every project.

Leading an exceptional team of rock star designers, planners, researchers and strategists, The Verve Partnership is a leader in innovative design for the built environment in varying project types including: Commercial, Innovation, Professional Services, and Retail.

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