Ashcroft Pet Resort’s paid search leads increased more than 95% in just one year. Over the last three years – and despite an unrelenting pandemic – leads have increased 342%.

About Ashcroft Pet Resort

Ashcroft Pet Resort is a family-owned pet care facility in Ft. Collins, CO. In business since 1993, owner Robin Schoh wanted to increase the number of leads she was receiving via her digital marketing channels. Her paid search leads increased more than 95% in the first year with IMPACT. Over the last three years – and despite an unrelenting pandemic – leads have exploded 342%.


IMPACT took over management of Ashcroft Pet Resort’s marketing in May of 2019, from another company that also specializes in pet-care marketing, with an overarching goal of attracting and maximizing conversions from their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

Three new search campaigns were launched for Brand, Boarding, and Daycare. New ad copy and keywords were incorporated, and landing pages and contact forms were carefully crafted to convert traffic generated by Google advertising campaigns.

Immediately at the outset of COVID and throughout the entire pandemic, IMPACT closely monitored economic factors, call volume at Ashcroft, and overall demand throughout the industry, adjusting budget up and down to minimize costs and optimize opportunities.

This hands-on approach yielded stable lead flow, and as shown in the graph below, makes the COVID pandemic a mere one-month blip (April 2020), demonstrating the effectiveness of an overall, long-term marketing approach that is closely monitored and tweaked.

The Details

From May 2019 to May 2020, the Google Ads Click-Through-Rate for Ashcroft Pet Resort nearly doubled – from 5.13% to 10.24% – as did its leads, which increased from 82 to 160 in a year’s time (or a 95.12% increase).

Despite the relentless effects of the pandemic, quality leads continued to be generated. By May of 2021, the number had increased to a whopping 363, or a 77.63% increase.

All in all, Ashcroft Pet Resort enjoyed a 342% boost in leads since engaging IMPACT back in 2019.