KinderMender Walk-In Pediatric Center expanded to four locations and tallied more than 170,000 patient visits. IMPACT was there for every milestone.

About KinderMender

Dr. Keyvan Rafei envisioned his pediatric urgent care clinic as a place that was 100% scare-free for children, and 100% stress-free for their moms and dads.

His goal was to provide a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere; a friendly and honest staff; and streamlined, comprehensive care that was hassle-free. Flexible hours of operation would cater to demanding schedules of working moms and dads, while X-rays, labs, and antibiotics would be administered on-site.

The objective was clear: Win over parents and their kids and watch the franchise thrive.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns were initiated, keywords relating to pediatrics and urgent care facilities closely monitored, and ads continuously optimized for better, higher conversion. IMPACT utilized hyper-local targeting around each KinderMender location to maximize leads. Campaigns were reassessed with each new location to attract quality new leads and click-through-rates remained high throughout IMPACT’s tenure.

KinderMender’s website was redesigned to immediately convey the image of a family-friendly health partner. The site was optimized for patient comfort and parent convenience, placing actionable data front and center:

  • Current wait times for the clinic’s multiple locations were updated in real-time on the site’s homepage.
  • A geothermal map outlined the relative incidence of 10 common illnesses in and around Howard County, with hot colors signifying greater prevalence and possible breakout.

Monthly blogging and social media posts, often created collaboratively with Dr. Rafei, positioned the KinderMender team as thought leaders in the medical industry.

Content marketing provided clear messaging to parents and patients on the many services provided by KinderMender, while also addressing the common universal questions all parents have concerning their children’s health.

Additional services offered included printed collateral, media relations, and much more.


Rapid growth resulting from IMPACT’s influence and support helped Dr. Rafei and his team expand into new territories. A Laurel location opened in 2013, followed by a Glen Burnie clinic two years later.

KinderMender experienced astronomical growth in leads between 2014-2015 (a 366.7% leap) and leads continued to increase steadily under IMPACT’s watch. Click-Through-Rates fared well, too, with a 13.98% peak in 2017.


In 2017, KinderMender opened its fourth, and final, office in Timonium. The KinderMender clinics would ultimately tally more than 170,000 visits from more than 47,000 unique patients.

With guidance and strategic support from IMPACT, KinderMender was also named Chesapeake Family Magazine’s Favorite Doctor in the Urgent Care category for two consecutive years, and also received consecutive Celebrating Successes honors from the Howard County Office of Children’s Services.

After seven years of steady growth stemming from our partnership, Dr. Rafei sold his KinderMender practices to PM Pediatrics, one of the top urgent care corporations in the United States.

The KinderMender name continues to be remembered and admired by the communities served by Dr. Rafei and his dedicated team.

“IMPACT Marketing came along at just the right time. Their creativity, ability to listen, analyze and give straightforward advice has propelled us to the next level. They have met critical time lines and always been there to answer our calls.”

– Dr. Keyvan Rafei, KinderMender