Secom, LLC has reported a
20% increase in sales since working with IMPACT Marketing.

About Secom, LLC

Secom, LLC, a Maryland-based security company, partnered with IMPACT Marketing to manage their Pay-Per-Click campaigns, push out quality content, and design and develop a brand-new website that would improve their credibility, boost sales, and improve customer satisfaction.


increase in Sales


Although design was important for the new Secom website, it needed to be about more than just a better-looking website. To further support Secom’s credibility as a company, we developed video case studies of Secom’s top clients. While this wasn’t included in the original website scope of work, based on our review of Secom’s needs, it was necessary to achieve the desired results.

We restructured the content around relevant, high-search volume keywords and key phrases aimed at improving their SEO. This included creating keyword-driven blogs, which were organized into three key categories that aligned with Secom’s target markets: (1) small businesses, (2) commercial/institutional organizations, and (3) government agencies/contractors. We also implemented other SEO best practices like adding internal and outbound links, proper meta descriptions, and alt tags on images.
IMPACT also launched a new Pay-Per-Click campaign for Secom, removing the company from Google Ads Express and migrating the campaign to a more robust Google Ads Platform. New copy and new keywords were incorporated, and three individual landing pages were created to convert traffic generated by Google advertising campaigns, which increased the quantity and visibility of contact forms.

“You guys are the best!!! The site drives so much business. Appreciate all of it.”

– Mike Toomey, CEO, Secom, LLC

In addition to blogging tasks, IMPACT created a unique series of LinkedIn ads spotlighting various Secom initiatives. These were directed to the company’s small business, commercial, and government clients.


Secom’s PPC and website refresh has had a direct impact on the company’s bottom line.

“We’re gonna need more sales reps.”

– Mike Toomey, CEO, Secom, LLC

Not only were there more leads, but they were better leads, which made it easier to close deals. Secom, LLC reported a 20% increase in sales since starting work with IMPACT Marketing, including a $250,000 deal, which was directly attributed to the new website and Google Ads campaigns.

“I’d like to think it saved us from a possible disaster.”

– Mike Toomey, CEO, Secom, LLC