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Take just ten minutes out of your day to gain some wisdom from people worth listening to. The Point is an interview series featuring smart people with insightful ideas that you won't want to miss.

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Duane Carey




So, what is The Point, anyway?

We encounter greatness every day. Whether in meetings with clients, or in conversations with coworkers, we often find ourselves inspired by new perspectives and smart ideas.

The Point is a video interview series designed to harness those ideas and present them in focused, concise bite-sized pieces.

Short & Sweet Interviews

At around ten minutes apiece, each episode in the series features a guest making one solid point on the topic of their choice. The formula is simple:

  • The Introduction: 1 minute to get to know the guest and learn why we should care about their topic
  • The Main Point: 8 minutes to convey the main Point and how it impacts us
  • The Shout Out: a 1-minute closing for the guest to recognize any person or entity for any reason

The Interview Series Host

The Point’s host, Duane Carey, is the President of both IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations and the non-partisan, pro-business Maryland Free Enterprise Foundation in Maryland. He holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

Featured Guest

Pascal Crosley

Owner of Quality First Urgent Care

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews Dr. Pascal Crosley, a board certified emergency physician and owner of Quality First Urgent Care. Dr. Crosley discusses how his facilities were testing acute cases, including ill frontline workers and healthcare workers while other sites were not. He stresses the importance of getting back to normal as safely as possible, which takes work and careful preparation.

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Recent Interviews

Episode 1

A Culture of Yes – Mike Gill

Mike extolls the virtues of a “culture of yes” and the importance of attitude and gratitude, using Maryland’s business climate under Governor Hogan as one example.

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Episode 2

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay – Cherissa Jackson

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews Cherissa Jackson, Chief Executive Officer at AMVETS and Founder of Project Give Hope. Previously, she survived three (3) combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, leading to a total of 23 years of active-duty military service, including 10 years as a nurse in the US Air Force. Cherissa discusses her passion for eliminating the stigma surrounding PTSD and encourages anyone who is struggling to reach out for assistance.

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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Episode 3

Business Deals and M&A: How COVID-19 Has Changed The Process – Paul Skalny

In episode three of The Point, Duane interviews Paul Skalny, an Attorney and Managing Director at Davis, Agnor, Rapaport and Skalny, LLC. Paul discusses the effect that COVID-19 has had on the structure of businesses, including those looking to acquire new businesses and how those deals will look different moving forward in a time of crisis.

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Episode 4

Considering Family Law in a Time of Crisis – Harry Siegel

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews Harry Siegel, a Family Law Attorney at SIEGELLAW. Harry discusses family law considerations during the pandemic – from divorce and parenting tips to navigating custody & visitation minefields.

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Episode 5

The Importance of Communication: Keeping Businesses On Track During COVID-19 – Kelly Mitchell

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews Kelly Mitchell, Founder and Principal of impactHR. Kelly describes the difficulties employers have encountered during this crisis and discusses how imperative communication is between an employer and their employees.

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Episode 6

Community Colleges: Working With Local Businesses to Aid Communities

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews Dr. Kate Hetherington, the President of Howard Community College (HCC). Dr. Hetherington discusses the many advantages a community college offers, especially in a turbulent time such as this one.

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Episode 7

A Human Crisis: Handling COVID-19 and Local Businesses with Care

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews Mary Ann Scully, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Howard Bank. Mary Ann discusses the far-reaching economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis and how beneficial it is to assist clients and local businesses with a human approach.

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Episode 8

Thoughts on Business in Baltimore City: A Local Businesses Perspective

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews Jay Steinmetz, CEO of Barcoding, Inc. Jay describes two important talking points when discussing how to improve Baltimore City’s economic situation, beginning with the complications that come with high property taxes.

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Episode 9

Staying an Efficient Business During a Pandemic

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews Mark Cissell, CEO and President of KatzAbosch. Mark elaborates on what he believes businesses should be doing in the midst of a pandemic to get their important messages across.

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Episode 10

Strategy as a Key Player in Office Space Design

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews Kelly Ennis, founder and managing principal of The Verve Partnership. Kelly articulates how important a fully rounded strategy is when thinking of office space design and real estate, especially when considering wellness, health, and safety.

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Episode 11

Keeping Assisted Living Safe and Concern-Free During COVID-19

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews Victoria Sessler, founder and owner of Kenwood Care Assisted Living. Victoria details how they have managed to keep COVID-19 at bay, discussing the many lengths that Kenwood has gone to as a facility to keep their residents and caregivers safe.

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Episode 12

Media Buying During a Pandemic

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews Janet Casey, founder of Marketing Doctor in Massachusetts. Janet discusses the changes in media buying during COVID-19 and the sudden, massive demand for television and traditional media.

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Episode 13

The Impact of COVID-19 on Minority Businesses: What’s Next?

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews Phil Croskey, CEO and Co-Founder of MD Energy Advisors. Phil discusses the somber truth of COVID-19 and how it has exasperated the financial fragility of minority businesses. He then talks about how to move forward and help these businesses prosper.

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Episode 14

A Young Entrepreneurial Spirit

In this episode of The Point, Duane interviews 11-year-old Adajah Scott, a young entrepreneur and owner of DejaVu Candy. She discusses her passion for her growing business as well as the many exciting opportunities ahead.

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Next Up…

We have an exciting roster of featured guests planned for upcoming episodes. Stay tuned for more inteviews, coming soon.

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