Website Helps Home Addition Specialists Find a New Way to Welcome Visitors

COLUMBIA, Md., October 25, 2019 –When contractor Cossentino & Sons Remodeling and Design was looking for a website overhaul, IMPACT made itself at home.

The marketing team took the company’s existing design and implemented a series of touch-ups. Substantial, useful copy was added to the company’s home page, giving it more structure and direction. An important contact form was added.

The IMPACT team also restructured the company’s portfolio page, which had previously been organized by services offered. The portfolio was recategorized to showcase the company’s grandiose projects and to convey the full extent of Cossentino & Sons’ expertise.

Additional improvements included an SEO makeover and a new logo that incorporated the brand’s earlier iconography and merged it with a modern feel.

Visit the Cossentino & Sons website here. 

Below are some photos of their old website (left) and the newly designed website (right):

Cossentino Before PictureCossentino After Website Photo

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