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“You can’t be all things to all people.” This conventional wisdom applies in most situations, but we think marketing is an exception to that rule.

Two decades of experience have shown us that good marketing is a comprehensive endeavor, and all tactics need to be integrated, complementary, and working toward a consistent goal or objective. Typically serving as the outsourced chief marketing officer for our clients, IMPACT is a single point of contact for all marketing approaches, vetting the hundreds of promotional opportunities you encounter throughout the year, and guiding your strategic marketing.

Our experience spans dozens of industries and hundreds of clients, but we’ve selected a subset of select clients to give you a feel of the types of services we typically provide. These examples represent multiple industries, including professional services, software, commercial construction, and restaurants.

Our Work

Pet Care


Public Health & Health Care

“We’re gonna need more sales reps.”

– Mike Toomey, CEO, Secom, LLC

IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations, LLC

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